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Transporting equipment

At IntBas, we offer a wide range of conveyors and mobile devices for transport of bread and bakery products from one to another unit, between different areas of the bakery, depending on the specific requirements and wishes of the client.

The following devices are considered to be among the most important transport equipment:

Straight conveyors

Curve conveyors

Angle conveyors

Slope conveyors

Mobile devices for vertical lifting of products.

Small radius modular belt conveyor 180 deg.

Modular belt convyor for cakes.

Dividing conveyor. Transfer from one row to two rows.

Mobile devices are suitable for all types of products, such as cassettes, trays, free-standing products.
The width of the conveyor belt is optional, it can be manually or automatically adjusted to the desired width of the product, tray or cassette, by means of longitudinal guides.
The stainless-steel frame is solid and suitable for industrial 24-hour operation.
The device is standardly equipped with SEW drives, and the client has an additional option of his own selection of the most suitable gear unit supplier.
The devices can operate autonomously as well as synchronised with other equipment and machines in the bakery.