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Unloading devices

Unloading devices allow the products to be further directed to a de-panner, cooling, freezing, packaging…


Made of stainless material

Heavy duty durability for 24 hour operation

Automatic operation

Full synchronization with the oven and the rest of the line

Allen Bradley, Siemens or Omron control units. Other compatible control units upon specific request.

EU hygiene and FDA food standards compliant

CE, UL, CUL standards compliant

Industry 4.0 connection ready

Unloading device for pans, trays and various models (transport units)

When the products arrive from the oven to a grouping conveyor curve or angle, conveyors direct them towards further production in the bakery. In this case, the conveyor belts are metal or modular plastic, resistant to high temperatures and wear. The width of the conveyor belt is determined according to the products. In the case of different widths and shapes of products / transport units, the width of the conveyor can be adjusted with appropriate guides, (manually or fully automatic) for the selected product.

 Application Advantages
Pan bread
Toast bread
• Products in sheet pans
Completely automated (no extra labor)
Synchronized with the oven, automatic proofer
• Heavy duty industrial use
• Delivered pre-assembled

Unloading device for hard baked products

When the products arrive from the oven they are evenly distributed across the grouping conveyor with the help of a tilting ramp, thereby achieving uniform cooling of the product during transport. Conveyor belt for transport is modular PVC, resistant to oils, grease and mold, which meets the requirements of EU and FDA food standards..

 Application Advantages
• Rolls
• Pastries
Synchronized with the oven, automatic proofer
• Heavy duty industrial use
• Low maintenance
Easy to operate
• Delivered pre-assembled